Divx To Dvd


Use this great tut provided by ChickenMan
How to simply backup your DVD’s to DivX :smiley:

  1. Click Options, then Subtitles Options. If you wish to include Subtitles, tick Subtitle Channel and select the Track you wish to include.

  2. In the Options / Chapter options, I have not tried this yet but they appear you have to manually enter the frame number manually for each.

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Go to the subforum “Guides and tutorials” under the “Divx and Video editing Forum” and there you will find what you are looking for and other related topics.
Here is the direct link: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?threadid=61142

Hey thanks for making yourself CLEAR m8. Now divx to dvd WHAT?
(if da file has already been encoded to divX, I believe you can’t add subtitles) :stuck_out_tongue:


The DivX to DVDR tut does not cover subtitles, however after the encoding part, author in Maestro (instead of SpruceUP) and subtiles can be imported in the form *.SON or *.STL. There are some subtitle coverting programs around that can convert to Maestro format, I believe.

Where i can find the guide for this?

It is in the Guides and Tutorial section :bigsmile:



Where i can find the guide for this WITH SUBTITLES?
But thanks.

I just posted in the tutorial section a new tutorial on DVD to DVDR using Maestro and how to add in Subtitles.

Ok, well let me pose a scenerio that I’d like to do, and what tutorial would be best (if any).

I have a couple of foreign movies that I downloaded tha can’t be found here in the US. They are both divx, and the first one has the subtitles already in the movie. The second, however, does not. I’ve downloaded the apropriate subtitles, and they work great together using BS Player. But, I’d really like to put these together onto a DVDR so that I can watch it on my actual DVD player. Ideally I’d like to implement the menu screen you mention in one tutorial so that I could select either movie from the start, but I’m not sure how to do that with divx movie, and permanently add the subtitles to the second since as of now they are separate files.

Sooo, what would be my best bet here?

i have a problem i want to get rid of the subtitles that are in several languages overlaying the divx movie

Just use any of the many converters to make a dvd from divx. Here is also a way to add subs to a dvd, I don’t remember where I got these instructions, but I have used these many times, and it works .For timing I’ve found it best to get the subs synched with the divx first, then it will be in place on DVD too.
In case you bought a DVD whose language tracks and subtitles don’t match the languages you’re fluent with, here is a (long) tutorial for adding subtitles to a DVD.

*** Beware, this is definitively not for newbies ***

Tools needed:

  • DVD Shrink 3b5
  • VobEdit 0.6
  • IfoEdit 0.96
  • Str2Sup a4.03
  • BurnAtOnce or Nero…

Material needed:

  • Original DVD
  • SRT subtitles file for that DVD (check in the DiVX sites)
  • about 13GB of disk space
  • a few hours…

--------- Step 1 - Ripping ------------
Use DVD Shrink 3b5 Re-author feature to grab the movie title (no menus, no extras…)

video: no compression
audio: main track only
subtitles: none
Save in: C:\Rip

So you should now have
and a few more VTS_01_x.VOB depending on the size of your movie

--------- Step 2 - Demux ---------------
Use VobEdit 0.6 to demux the Vob files into separate video and audio files.

Create D:\Demux (D: should be an NTFS drive because the m2v file will be over 4GB)
Start VobEdit 0.6
Open c:\Rip\VTS_01_1.VOB
Click on “Demux” button
Check “Demux all Video streams” and “Demux all Audio streams” boxes
Click on “ok”
The target directory is of course D:\Demux

So you should now have

--------- Step 3 - Chapter infos --------
Use IfoEdit 0.96 to retrieve the chapter infos

Start IfoEdit 0.96
Open c:\Rip\VTS_01_0.IFO
In the upper window, double click on VTS_PGCITI.
VTS_PGC_1 appeared right below, click on it.
Now scroll the lower window until you see “PGC Command Table:”, click on it.
Go in the main menu: “Tools/Save Celltimes to file”
Navigate in the savebox to save CellTimes.txt in D:\Demux

So you should now have

--------- Step 4 - Converting the subtitles --------
Use Str2Sup a4.03 to convert the Srt subtitles file into a Sup file

Start Str2Sup a4.03
In the main menu, choose SRT File/Open as text
Choose your SRT file.
Now in the dialog box, you can see an “adjust times” area. Usually “0” is fine, but you may have to tweak this a bit…
The easiest way is to open the Srt file in Notepad, look when is the 1st dialogue, then watch in your DVD player the time difference (if any).
Click on “ok”.
In the main window, click on “All”.
Now click on “Alter Subtitle Layout”
Click on “Global”
Change the colors and font settings to suit your tastes (if you don’t, it will be green in the middle of the screen).
My settings are:
Backgnd: Black + Trans
Outline: Gray
Text: White
Antialias: Gray
Vertical Alignment: Bottom
Global Font: Arial 16
Others parameters left to default settings.
Don’t forget to choose Screen Format according to the current DVD (PAL or NTSC).
Click on “ok”
Click on “close”
In the main menu, choose SUP File/Save
Target should be D:\Demux\VTS_01_1.20.sup

Write down the informations about the colors and quit, or keep that window open.

So you should now have

--------- Step 5 - Mux back -----------
Use IfoEdit 0.96 to mux what is in D:\Demux\ back into Vob files.

You can now delete C:\Rip.
Create C:\Full
Start IfoEdit 0.96
In the main menu, choose DVD Author/Author New DVD
In the right part, there is a dot button where you can choose the video file.
Choose D:\Demux\VTS_01_1.m2v
In the right part, there is a dot button where you can choose the audio file.
Choose D:\Demux\VTS_01_1.80.ac3
Then click on the ac3 file and choose its language (drop down box in the left part)
In the right part, there is a dot button where you can choose the subtitle file.
Choose D:\Demux\VTS_01_1.20.sup
Then click on the sup file and choose its language (drop down box in the left part)
In the right part, there is a dot button where you can choose the chapters file.
Choose D:\Demux\CellTimes.txt
Last, choose the destination, which of course is C:\Full.
Then click on “ok”
Later, click on “close”

In the upper window double click on VTS_01_0.IFO
Then double click on VTS_PGCITI.
VTS_PGC_1 appeared right below, click on it.
In the lower window, right below a lot of “Sub-picture steam x Status”, you’ll see “Color 0 Y Cr Cb”.
Double click on it.
In the edit window, you’ll see: “00000000 00 00 00 …”.
Click on the “00” pairs and fill with the Hex color informations from step 4
Repeat for “Color 1 Y Cr Cb”, “Color 2 Y Cr Cb” and “Color 3 Y Cr Cb”.
Click on “save”, the default name is fine. You can say “yes” to the Bup question.

If you don’t want to do Step 6, then quit IfoEdit now.

-------- Step 6 (optional) - Set “Subtitles On” as default ----------
This is only necessary if you want the subtitles to be displayed right at the beginning of the movie.
As we didn’t copied the DVD’s menus, I think this is quite convenient.

A little bit below the subtitles colors, you’ll see “There is no PGC Command Table”.
Then right click on that to display the context menu.
Choose “Add PreCommand”.
Now you have a small PGC Command Table which ends with “1.Pre Command NOP”.
Right click on “1.Pre Command NOP” and choose “Edit command”.
In the list, change “NOP” to “(SetSTN) Set Subpicture Stream Nr”
Steam = 0, On/off = On
Click on “ok”
Save again.

D:\Demux is no longer useful, you can delete it.
C:\Full contains IFO and VOB files for our DVD with subtitles.

-------- Step 7 (very often mandatory) - Shrink -------------
Use DVD Shrink 3b5 to shrink our project (now in C:\Full) so it fits a DVD-R

Save it in D:\Shrinked

-------- Step 8 - Burn -------------
Use your favorite software (BurnAtOnce, Nero…) to burn what is in D:\Shrinked