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  1. I’ve used the software “Free Video Converter” to convert divX to DVD.
    I chose the option of DVD PAL (since I’m from Israel) as the output.
    At the end I’ve got a .VOB file- is that correct to file to create a DVD? Should I choose another output format (AVI, MPEG etc.)

  2. When burning a DVD (I use the Sonic RecordNow), should I choose “DATA FILE”?


DVD-video is actually mpeg2 inside .vob container files. If your program has converted and authored your divx video, you should see a Video_TS folder containing .vob, ifo and .bup files. These are necessary files for dvd video.

I don’t use Sonic, so I can’t help, but usually in commercial programs there is an option to burn dvd-video. Burning a .vob file as data might put it on the disk, but it won’t play correctly in a stand alone dvd player.

I suggest changing your conversion program anyway. Look at FAVC or DVDFlick for converting and producing a finished dvd ready to burn to a disk.

For burning your video, I recommend a free program called ImgBurn. www.imgburn.com Here is the guide for burning a Video_TS folder to a regular, single layer dvd: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4632

Thanks a lot for your answer…

  1. I tried DVDFLICK but it would demand a lot of free space (11,000 MB…) which I don’t have

  2. I tried FAVC but it says I have some missing codecs (“corresponding codec is not installed”). It would let me work only with .mpg files…How do I solve this?

Thanks, Ilanit.

And another one…

When I use FAVC I do get at the end of the process:

  1. Working Folder No. #
  2. DVD No. # which contains: Audio_TS and Video
    _TS. Both folders are empty! Is that correct?

Thanks, Ilanit

I normally don’t recommend installing codecs packs…I just install them individually as I need them, but trying to help long distance it may save time if you put in either KLight or CCCP codec pack (not both!) Are you working with .mkv H264, or something else that is slightly unusual?

Working with mpeg2 files [B]does[/B] take a lot of space. You’ll need room for working files and the finished dvd. I don’t see a way around that necessity.

FAVC should not be giving you that error message. Since you have it working, I’m assuming you have both Net 2.0 and AviSynth installed as they are absolutely necessary components needed for FAVC to function.

To help, I think you’re going to have to explain in great detail exactly what you are working with, and the steps you are using with your conversion process, including the settings you are using in FAVC. Your original title says divx, and FAVC should have no problem working with mp4 or avi using divx codec.

[quote=ilush;2135488]And another one…

When I use FAVC I do get at the end of the process:

  1. Working Folder No. #
  2. DVD No. # which contains: Audio_TS and Video
    _TS. Both folders are empty! Is that correct?[/quote]The Audio_TS file should be empty, but not the Video_TS. Look at the contents of a commercial DVD movie and you’ll see the type setup you should have to burn a DVD.

Hi again,

First, I’ve double checked and I do have both Net 2.0 and AviSynth
Second, I’ve downloaded KLight

…and I still get the same error msg…

I did the setting to FAVC from the FAVC guide so I guess it’s correct.
The files I’m trying to convert are .AVI, most of them XVID (not divX, sorry…)
What more info can I provide in order to get your help?

Lots of thanks,

FAVC guide? Do you mean this one? http://www.digital-digest.com/articles/FAVC_Video_to_DVD_Guide_page1.html