Divx to DVD

Hi, can anyone tell me how to convert a Divx file so I can copy it to DVD. i have DVD Flick which works great with AVI files but not Divx. Can anyone recomend a program? Thanks

ConvertXtoDVD is a popular choice around here, though it isn’t free. A couple of free transcoder/encoding programs are SUPER and Mediacoder. Been too long since I’ve used the two free ones, so I don’t remember if they will output straight to dvd vob files or not, but you could always output to dvd compliant mpeg2 and build the dvd in DVDFlick.

I’ve recently heard of a free transcoder program called Video DVD Maker Free, which seems to work in a similar fashion to DVDFlick, but specifically includes Divx as a supported format. You might try it. Found here: http://www.protectedsoft.com/
I haven’t even downloaded it yet, so no promises on this one. :slight_smile: