DivX to dvd?

A friend of mine has lent me a few movies in Divx format. My dvd cannot play this. I do not watch films on my computer due to shite speakers etc…

Can anyone please tell me how to convert these discs so I can re-burn them using Nero burning rom?

Cheers for any forthcoming advice.


Look through the guides at this site. There are lots of different tools for your task, including The Film Machine, SUPER and D.I.K.O. if you want to try this with free programs.

Chickenman has a tutorial here at cdfreaks too if you 'd like to look through it: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=61142

You are crossing legal boundaries here…

could be open source movies… i downloaded night of the living dead in mp4

Well at the moment it isn’t really clear what for movies…

Don’t know which one of them you mean, but AFAIK, both are still under copyright so you must have downloaded an movie not intended for such actions… :cop:

“open source movies” name some - I’d like to see that huge list! :stuck_out_tongue:

“dvd santa” makes dvd files from multiple compressions including DivX and then burn to DVD.

Open source movies: http://www.archive.org/details/feature_films

i would imagine its legal… as its also on google video

Night of the living dead was released as Public Domain about 2 years ago. As bordncanas pointed out Archive.org has a huge list of public domain movies, which you are quite free to download

If you have any concerns about legality then the correct course of action is to report the post to the mods & let them decide.

Who was that intended for?

Why does everybody always play mod and is ready to cast the first stone…

Guns are often used to kill people, does that make everybody who buys a gun a murderer?

If you are in doubt whether the post is legitimate, let it up to us mods to judge people, that is what we are here for, let us be the bad guys so you can be the good guys…don’t make me ban you good guys for jumping the gun pun intended :wink:

I must be bloody blind I don’t see anyone playing a mod :stuck_out_tongue:
for those that dont know what it means Public Domain