DivX to DVD

I tried out your guys guide to doing this… actually worked ok.

Just thought I’d offer up a program that makes it a heck of alot easier. The programs name is DVDSanta. I don’t know if anyone here has heard of it but it’s not bad at all. I tried it with great results… just gotta get the crack for it so it takes the water mark off the dvd… but I did a rip with Behind Enemy Lines… took a lot quicker than the dvd2svcd method you guys have here. Try it out… and hey if you get the crack for it post it here or email it to me.

Hope it helps!! :slight_smile:

What encoder did you use with DVD2SVCD? Cinema Craft Encoder is the best that you can get out there

TMpeg or something like that… I didn’t have CCE and I couldn’t get online at that time to download it so I ran with the other one. I know CCE is better… just couldn’t get to it at that moment.

But I suggest someone to try out DVDsanta… I was impressed.

DVDsanta is a very good program i use it sometimes along with TMPGEnc

just watch yourself with the mentions of cracks/serials/keygens…they’re against the forum rules…(should give them a read if not already).

I apologize… sorry about that.