DivX to DVD w/ Subtitles

Ok, well let me pose a scenerio that I’d like to do, and what tutorial would be best (if any).

I have a couple of foreign movies that I downloaded tha can’t be found here in the US. They are both divx, and the first one has the subtitles already in the movie. The second, however, does not. I’ve downloaded the apropriate subtitles, and they work great together using BS Player. But, I’d really like to put these together onto a DVDR so that I can watch it on my actual DVD player. Ideally I’d like to implement the menu screen you mention in one tutorial so that I could select either movie from the start, but I’m not sure how to do that with divx movie, and permanently add the subtitles to the second since as of now they are separate files.

Sooo, what would be my best bet here?

You can use DVD2SVCD to convert the AVI to DVDR and load in the subs to make them Permanent. Check out the Tutorial at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=61142

Frameserv using VirtualDub and Vobsub (Textsub) into TMPGEnc Plus.

Great! I’ll be sure to let you know how it works. I may try to follow the other tutorial as well to place a menu and have both movies selectable on the same disc, as they are 700mb each and I’d hate to use a whole DVDR per movie.

The Tute describes how to convert an AVI to fit to a DVDR but therevis no reason with a very minor alteration to put 2 converted AVI’s (even 3 if they are small, time wise) onto a DVDR. Just simply set the CD size in the Bitrate Tab to 1/2 the recommended. Encode both AVI’s then author in TMPGEnc DVD Author, DVDLab or Maestro adding your menu. I do this 90% of the time with AVI’s.

One other thing though. Maybe it’s my unfamiliarity with DVD2SVCD, but in the subtitles option I can’t find a way to attach external subtitles to the avi. I have 2 srt files that make up the subs for the whole movie (cd1 for the first half, cd2 for the second half). In BSPlayer, I can get the first half of the sibs to run fine, but the second half doesn’t quite sync. Getting these to encode with the avi doesn’t seem to be an option with DVD2SVCD as far as I can tell. Am I just missing something?