Divx to dvd using chickenman's guide




I am attempting to follow the guide by chickenman for converting divx to dvd. I use his guide for backing up DVDs and it is most excellent.

On step 9 of his divx to dvd guide it talks about 44.1Khz versus 48 Khz audio. It says to see note 3 if your divx is 44.1 khz. That note deals with bad AC3. Note 2 deals with the manual conversion from 44.1 to 48. Did step 9 mean to say Note 2 instead?

Also, at step 9 I have no way of correcting the audio because I only have the divx file at this point. Do I have to worry about the manual conversion of the audio in step 9 or is that something I have to do once dvd2svcd is done and the audio has been extracted?

I am thinking I just continue through step 9 and select either 384 if it is 5 channel audio or 224 if it is 2 channel audio. I then convert the 44.1khz extracted audio to 48khz before I author. Is that correct thinking?

Thanks for any help.


Yep, that 100% correct and while you convert it to 48kz, I’d suggest converting to AC3 if it not already.