DivX to DVD restarts PC



I’m currently using the latest version of DivX to DVD to transfer some Xvid avis into DVDs. I’ve done this numerous times before and had no problems but now all of a sudden when I try to use the program it restarts my computer after maybe 2 minutes of progress.

It’s not just one certain file…I’ve tried it on two different files.

Any help would be great! Thanks!


ok I tried it with WinAvi and the same thing happens, the computer restarts


It could be that you’ve got a corrupt install of the Xvid codec. I had this & explorer would crash & I think I might have had reboots but I can’t be sure of that.

Trying de-installing the xvid codec & reinstall.

If you can’t de-install then delete all xvid*.* from system32 directory. Maybe also the xvid directory within system32.


It’s not listed in the Add/Remove thing so I just deleted all the xvix.* files in system32 also there was no folder in there.

Hopefully this did the trick


Did this work for you? I am having the same problems as you mentioned.


I’ve reformatted my computer…hoping it would fix the problem but no its still there…

I think it might be ffdshow…

should I uninstall that from the Add/Remove Programs listing and just install Xvid?


Followup: I uninstalled ffdshow and installed the latest xvid and that didn’t do anything either…

maybe its the hardware? anyone know exactly what would do this exactly?


contact info@vso-software.fr you will have the latest version 2.0 of divxtodvd to confirm if the problem still happens.


Thanks for the response! I sent an email just now