DivX to DVD+R

Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum and just had this question.

I bought a new Philips DVD / DivX player and thought
of playing a DivX VOD, downloaded from a torrent site.

I downloaded the divx video onto PC and burnt the same on
a Blank DVD+R disc using Nero 7.0

When i try playing the same on my Philips DVD player the movie
plays audio properly but the video stops in the middle and doesnt
transition smoothly.

As per the www.divx.com site, i registerd my philips player as well.

The question is, does a direct burn of DivX file onto a DVD +R suffices
to play on my dvd player or do we need to convert the divX file to a DVD+/-R
format and then have it burnt and then watch on TV ?

Please let me know how to go about this


  • Ravi

If you are using a DivX certified player then directly burning the DivX movie onto disc should work. It is possible that you have poor blank media though, which would give the signs you describe.

What is the brand of disc and, if you have it, the media ID (download CD-DVD Speed, run it, put yur disc in the drive and post the information that appears in the ‘Disc Info’ tab…)


Here is the output from Nero cd speed

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD-ROM
Capacity: : 3.76 GB
: 3853 MB
: 4040720384 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 1
Copyright protection : n/a
Region(s) : All
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - 01 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3F 00 00 00 00 - …&.?..
0010 - 00 00 07 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 47 00 4D 30 31 00 38 - …CMC.MAG.M01.8

My DVD players plays the movie, but the video transition is not smooth.
Its stops and just audio continues !


CMC.MAG.xxxx I’ve found are generally the lower end of the scale price wise. They can be good but it’s possible it’s just a bad burn, or a faulty batch of discs (I had a pack which created about 30 coasters with read errors at all the same sectors). I’ll have to assume that you did use the verify data option on Nero, after burn and it came back okay, otherwise it’s just a faulty disc.

How does it play on your PC? This would give you an idea as to where the problem lies. ie disc or DVD.

An altenative would be to convert it using VSO ConvertXtoDVD, and burn the VOB files using Nero. (An idea if you don’t want it permanently is to use a DVD+RW and then re-write after watching). I’ve found VSO to be quite quick, taking about an hour to do an hour and thirty minute movie.

Sorry quick edit here. Another thing I found initially when I started was that my firmware on my burner wasn’t up to date and this caused burn problems. Might be an idea to check that it is too date.

There are two things here

  1. This disc has some 3 movies in it, First one is in Xvid format and plays fine on my philips DVD, the second and third are DivX format and when played the video is not
  2. I checked the later 2 movies on my PC and plays just fine. So the problem seems like its with DVD player. How do i fix it ??? I mean i did download the divx .tix file from www.divx.com and had my player activated with DivX play. Still its giving some problems ?

Will burning the divx movies on a CR-R help playback on DVD player fine ?

Let me know