Divx to Dvd-R full screen

Could someone please, please help me out. I am at your mercy! :bow:

I’m trying to find an all-in-one convertor/burner to burn divx to DVD-R to play in my DVD player. Price isn’t a issue at this point…I’ve already tried Nero with Dvd santa and this didn’t work.

Intervideo Windvd worked well in one step however the wide screen mode made the picture so small that it wasn’t worth watching (the blank black bars at the top & botom blocked most of the movie).

So I’m looking for something so I can set it and forget and still get a fairly decent quality with full screen. I have already spent countless hours and Dvd-r disks trying to get this right so I’m hoping for software, whatever the price, to do most of the work for me. Is there such a thing out there?

VSO DivX to DVD.
Download Copy to DVD as well, and it will encode and burn for you, or you could still burn in Nero, by selecting the “DVD Video” template.

i used VSO DivXtoDVD with good success…and it’s free too (for now)!

Thanks! I will check it out and let you know if a newbie can figure it out!

Hi again…

I tried VSO Divx to DVD and then used Copy to DVD. It was really easy and was full screen - thanks. I found however that there were glitches in the movie and at one point after a glitch it threw off the sound with the picture. Is this because I used the “Copy to Dvd” to burn it? I know I’m asking for a lot but is there a way to do this so that doesn’t happen? Is it because I used “Copy to DVD” to burn it? any other suggestions?

did you try watching the movie before burning it (i.e. played from a folder or ISO)? that would eliminate the variable of CopyToDVD and point at something happening in the DivXTODVD process instead.

Oh good idea…never thought of that. Thanks.