Divx to DVD problem... please help

hi guys, excelent work here, i m new in the forum and it’s awesome…

Chickenman i need your help, i did everything you say in your updated tutorial divx to dvd, i went to sleep and the next morning i had a “frame size 1062x56 is not supported, maximum 720x576 is supported” or something like that… I m sure that i did exactly everything you said… I have them in divx in 2.35:1 Pal and mp3 audio…

Please help me…

Can you post what GSPOT reports for both Video & Audio please.

Also what Codec have you installed on your system (DivX, Xvid, etc) and where did they come from. I hope you dont have the Nimo pak installed ?

thanx for the quick respond friend,

well… about the nimo-pak you said… actually i learn it from you, so, no i haven’t that codec-pak, i have DivX 5.0.5 DivX 3.11 and DivX 4… I am absolutely sure that it isn’t a codec error… Anyway here are the Gspot stuff you needed to see…

Video : Codec : 4CC - DIV4
Name - DivX 3 Fast-Motion
Status - Codec IS Installed (details…)
Aspect : 640 x 272 (2.353 : 1)
Bitrate : 751 kb/s
Framerate: 25.000 FPS
Duration: 01h 54m 59s

Audio : Codec : Name - 0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Status - Codec IS Installed (details…)
Bitrate : 96 kb/s (48/ch x 2 ch) CBR
Fs : 44100 Hz

Please… help… i checked the hole internet to find a good guide or an easy tool for this job. You are my last hope

Sorry for my english… I’ll check daily for your reply… maybe every hour :bow: :bow: :bow:

Okay its a relativey std format DivX your encoding. There should be no problem with that.

Go over the Tute again and check the numbers again. Make sure you check Aspect Ratio of “Anamorphic (Encode as 16:9)”, that you have set the correct Bitrate figures, set to DVD (720x480/576) and set CCE up correctly including the Advanced section.

Also, where/when exactly does the error occur?

well, it happend twice… but i left PC to do the dirty work in night because it needs time…

I m sure that i did exactly everything you said in the tutorial… anyway I’ll do that again to check when that error happens.

I’ll tell you the results later… may the force be with me. The funny thing is that i need that guide only for 3 movies (sw trilogy) because Lucas has not released them in DVD… damn.


Hi, i had exams last month, so i started again this …project.

well, that error happend again and i gave up !!!

i tried Tmpg and the final result wasn’t enough for me… The SW trilogy is my favorite movies and Lucas hasn’t released them in DVD, so i want them to be EXCELENT…

The good news (for me) are that i finaly find a way to that and the final result is excelent… al last. I tried MainConcept MpegEncoder 1.3.1 (1 of 30 progs i tried !!!) and the look its awesome !!! I put 9000bit max,6000 average and 3000 minimum. If you haven’t check this… well check it. The other things in your Tute were ok with me, nandub for extracting the wav, ac3 machine with besweet for converting to ac3, and Tmpg Author for authoring…

I just posted this messege to thank you so much, because with your guide and your help i learned so many about video stuff, audio and author… very good knowlege for me… and because i thing that i am the first starwars-fan in Greece who has the Classic Trilogy in DVD with excelent quality… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again Chickenman, and continue the good work, to learn stupids like me, to make their PC useful, not only for gaming :bow: :bow: :bow:

Sorry again for my english, bye bye

See my reply here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=71859

celtic_druid, yeah i had the same problem with “eli”, i didnt try the tip you said and i will not, because i found another program to do the dirty work, Mainconcept MpegEncoder with great results !!! Try it. It’s defenetly better than Tmpg, i don’t know if is better than CCE. Might not, cause if it was, MpegEncoder would be more famous i think.

Anyway i use the tute only for the classic trilogy cause they havent been released in DVD, so i havent any more divx movies to convert them. If I want to do another divx to dvdr i ll try the tip you suggest