Divx to dvd prob

Ive done a search guys and i cant the specific answer to my question, sorry if it has cropped up before.

Im converting a 2 disc divx to dvd, HERE is a screenie of gspot after i have joined the 2 files. The problem im getting is that the audio is trailing the picture by about 4 secs. The only thing i wasnt sure about when following chickenmans great guide is what audio bitrate to use, i went for 192 although im now thinking i should have used 384. Would this cause a out of sync error? If it was nothing to do with that whats the easiest way of me getting everything in synch while keeping the 5 channel sound?

Hope someone can help…cheers.

As I say in the Tute, if the Audio is 5ch then use 384kb/s (the max DVD2SVCD goes to) and only 192 or 224 for stereo. The extracted audio ac3 file is what you will be using anyway, not the converted mp2.

To fix the audio, just use AC3 Delay Corrector (from doom9.net download section) to apply the necessary offset, then re-author. Sometimes I have to do it twice to get it correct.

Thank for helping CM, much appreciated.

I tried your suggestion but something is going wrong. I ran svcd2dvd again and this time selected a 384bitrate.
But when i point it to the ac3 file i get this warning

Source file information:

Sampling rate: 48 kHz
Nominal bit rate: 448 kbps
Framelength: 0x0700
Length: 204380frames (01:49:00,160)
WARNING> Filelength is not OK.
WARNING> Possible corrupted file or
WARNING> last frame is too short.
There are 31.25 frames in one second.

Then the halfway through setting the delay it fails with this message
“Source file damaged”

Would it be to do with the fact that the it started as a 2 part divx and ive joined it using virtiuldub?
Is there any way round this?


From reading another one of your answers on another thread i thought try BeSplit & BeSpliced, it doesnt seem to do anything though. It just pops up a emtpy notepad file and nothing else happens. I also downloaded ac3fix with the avgui09 frontend, all this does is quickly flash up a dos box and again nothing else happens.
Think im gonna end up bald if i tear any more hair out :slight_smile:

Arr yes, sorry I forgot to mention. Since you joined the 2 avis together, the AC3 parts of both dont join together perfectly. You need to fix that first. Just convert AC3 to AC3 with AC3Machine and it fixes the problem.

Thanks alot cm :slight_smile:
Problem ive got now is, i just tried to burn a 2 different svcds using nero and thats out of synch by the same amount as the dvx-dvd i did. I extract the mpeg from the bin using vcdgear and burn using nero. Both files play fine on my pc, once burnt its out of synch. I guess this is the original problem but i dont know how to fix it, i havent updated nero for about a month and it was ok burning svcd’s a week ago.
any ideas?

I would never use Nero for burning SVCD’s nor do I recommend it. Always use VCDEasy for SVCD. Last free version was, a simple google search will find it for you.

Thanks for your help m8, its been much appreciated.
The dvd problem ive solved using the method you gave and the svcd’s playing out of synch was my idiotic fault. I may havent have changed anything on my pc since watching my last svcd but i got a new dvd player free with my new tv. The new dvd player doesnt play xvcd’s, i switched back to my trusty pioneer and it plays fine on there.

Once again, thanks :smiley: