Divx to dvd prob

am fairly new to all this,but have be going along ok untill this prob has stumped me.i have a divx5.0 movie and want to convert to dvd,but am having nightmares trying to sort this out,first i tried tmpgenc,but after encoding i have sound but no picture,so then i tried DVD2SVCD,but that says the scenarist file does not exsist ,gspot tells me its a divx file,but its not a avi file,so wot is it

Try the software in this thread,hope it helps,and Good Luck…:cool:


Or for a better solution that does work :bigsmile: check out http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=61142

In DVD2SVCD’s CD Image Tab, select “Dont Make Images” and it will not concern it self if Scenarist is installed or not.

thx for the info,will c how i get on