DivX to DVD - no Video after going thru tutorial




I went through the tutorial (DivX to DVD), but when I now play Encoded_Video_CCE_PAL.mpv I do not actually see anything. I have also gone on to make a DVD, but I only get sound.

Also, how do I get an NTSC from the DivX, rather than PAL?


Jindi - a true novice.


If its a PAL DivX your converting then I suggest you leave it at PAL, there is a good chance your DVD Player will play it fine, your PC will of course.

What are you trying to play the E…mpv file with ? Are you sure it is capable of playing such a file? Actually play the MPG file that dvd2svcd produced, not the En…mpv file.



I have tried playing the mpg file too (starts with bbmpeg…). Again, I only get sound.

Funnily enough, I see images when I create chapters in TMPGEnc DVD Author, and the file size is over 4Gb, but I still only get sound when I try to play either the MPG or the burned DVD on WINDVD.

The following are the only differences I noted from the tutorial:-

  1. I do not get the full details from the PROPERTIES option for the AVI. I am guessing this is an association problem, but am clueless on how to fix this. The AVI does not play on WMP either. It plays on the Divx player.
  2. The BBMPEG file named after doing the DVD2SVCD has ‘…File00’’ as its name and not ‘…_01’ as from ‘bbMPEG_video_01’.