DivX to DVD nearly right?

Hello folks,

This is my first ever posting so be gentle on me.

I read the tutorial about DivX to DVD by Chickenman and followed it to the letter. A couple of problems though.

  1. TMPG DVD gave an error about the bitrate but i continued anyway. Should I do that??

  2. Even though I chose Anamorphic (no borders, encode as 16:9 it still came out ‘letterbox’ style with big borders top and bottom. Do I just not understand this ???

  3. The chapters don’t work, I can only run the first three and can’t jump to later chapters it plays for about two seconds and then freezes and goes back to the chapter listings. Am I being too picky and should ignore this??

Any help and tips greatly appreciated. :confused:

hi skippy, welcome :slight_smile:

  1. someone else asked this question a few days ago… and to quote ChickenMan

Sorry, I should have mentioned in the tute, just ignore the error. Clearly the Max bitrate you encoded to was 9000 (as in the Tute. TMPGEnc just sees this as 9800 for some reason.

  1. what was the aspect ratio before encoding?

  2. are you talking about chapter selecting from the menu (if you have one), or whilst watching the film? did you pick out the chapters yourself or did you let TMPGEnc do it automatically? does the movie play from start to finish with no problems? (disregarding the chapter problems)



Thanks for the reply

I had eventually seen the answer to my first point i.e. carry on regardless.

The aspect ratio was 16:9 or possibly even 2.3:1 although I had never heard of that before reading the tutorial.

The chapters were inserted at the default setting of 15 mins as suggested using TMPGEnc DVD Author. There was no menu but when I tried to skip from one chapter to another (accidently at first, I was trying to Fast Forward!) it would go through the first three chapters but the later ones ran for about two seconds then froze and put you back to the chapter list.

As this was my very first attempt at all this I thought I’d ask for help before blundering on.

A 16:9 or 2.3:1 movie will ALWAYS have black bars top and botton when played on a normal 4:3 TV. A 2.3:1 will ALWAYS have black bars top and bottom when view on a widescreen 16:9 TV. Its just when you encode the movie and select Anamophic, the black bars are not actualy included saving valuble bitrate and a slight increase in quality.

TMPGEnc DVD Author is new and still being improved almost weekly, I would suggest you get their latest ver 1.5

Thank you for the feedback it really helps to find these things out from people who do actually know what they are talking about.

I am downloading TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.5 now.

Thanks again.