Divx to DVD? Help Please?



I have a movie which comprises 2 .avi files. I have used Roxio 8 to convert them to 2 dvd files and it is my intention to use dvd shrink to put them both onto one dvd5 disc. When they are converted to dvd the audio channel is okay but the picture is a green screen.

I have used this method before and have had no problems. The quality of the divx files is superb. Using VSO divxtoDVD converts them okay but it will not save the image to the h/d.

Could someone advise me as to why I am getting the gren screen and how to overcome this problem?



If i were you, i will change other program to convert to dvd.You can make a search with google.
And make sure the codec for divx is ok.


Sounds like a codec issue to be honest, that’s the only time I’ve ever had green screen myself. Try opening your files with g-spot and see if you have the codecs installed. Also, of you are using WMP, you are very likely to have this problem. See if you can open the files in VLC (Videolan player) or MPC.

Best program for converting two .avi’s to one has to be WinAVI 7.6 with it’s new batch conversion settings. Choose “merge to one” and set the options to 4.3Gb (one dvd) and in double-quick time, job done! Must have tried every converter under the sun, but their new release is outstanding in every respect.


What i normally do is, join the two files using Virtualdub and then convert using divxtodvd. Are you using the free version of divxtodvd? It should save the movie as video_ts and audio_ts folders.


Batch conversion to conversions have been available for quite a while in Roxio, converting two avis to one DVD I used to use it, and in other tools. Main Cnocept and TMPGEnc to name two that I use and recommend, both are paid for.

AS d-dog has said green screen sounds like a codec issue. Do you have a codec pack installed?


If you have the paid version of divxtodvd go to convertxtodvd and update. It will be free. You can also find codecs on freecodecs.com.

There’s a start.
Good Luck