Divx to DVD gripe

I was burning a recent divx movie here to DVD today, and thought I’d give DIVX to DVD a try. It seemed like a great and easy to use program (and it was) however my DVD had strange errors on playback.

On the beginning of the DVD movie whenever there was a bright white color on the screen, the color disappeared to black and became blocky. It resembled what it would look like if you had some bad signal from your sattelite TV for a second, but only in the white areas. This makes me belive it was a bad conversion from DIVX. What gives… is this typical because if it is I’m going to switch programs.

This blocky crap doesn’t happen in the divx movie fyi.

Divx to DVD is Decent for Freeware and you cant bag Freeware. Sounds like the DIVX file is corrupt, which can be the case even if it plays fine as DIVX. If the file is damaged or converted by a nOOb the conversion process to DVD will show up the flaws. I myself dont use DIVX to DVD because I’m super fussy. If you want quality conversions spend the cash. For a good one clicker - Win AVI Converter. TMPGEnc Plus is also an awesome converter, but the method is somewhat drawn out - Worth it though.

Hi there,

I have a feeling you converted a 25fps (PAL) .avi and you did not force it to NTSC 29.97fps.

Is this the case ?

Do you live in a country when you need NTSC 29.97fps ?

I force all my convertion to NTSC and never had a issue yet.

For the fussy ones :rolleyes: , I heard CCE Rebuilder is the best encoder there is, so I have heard. And it’s a lot of $$$

If I was that fussy, I’d go to WalMart and buy the original DVD :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you mean CCE SP which is $1950 USD last time I checked and yes it is the best if your into commercial Applications or just insanely rich. Ther is the Basic Version though which is $58 USD. WIN AVI is $29.99 - Cost of two DVD’s. TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 which rivals CCE as an encoder is $37 USD.

If the TV Format was incorrect the picture would be a constant B&W with Green and possibly fail vertical sync. For the best quality where possible stick with the format its converted in. Blocks and colour discrepency on screen suggest a bad nOOb Conversion to Divx.

tmpgenc plus hasn’t been updated since December… is it still a good program?

Very Much So. I always get flawless results.

I’ve got pretty good results from Avi2dvd as well, using the included Quenc encoder. If you set it for the best quality its slow as hell, but the results are good when you don’t run into any bugs. Its free though http://www.trustfm.net/divx/SoftwareAvi2Dvd.html