divX to dvd conversion has audio sync problem



Hi everybody,
I’m Danny and this whole thing is completely new to me but I hope you can understand my query (and maybe resolve it - for which I will be eternally grateful) I have an avi file which plays perfectly on my computer using Windows media player. When I convert the file using divX to dvd it causes the sound to go massively out of synch. Is there anything I can do to correct this?


well this probably aint really a answer to your question but if you use DivX/XviD (.avi) files alot your probably better off getting a dvd player that supports divx OR (what i use) get a XBox1 console and MOD it (which is free if you know what to do) and run a program called XBMC (XBox Media Center) on it which plays divx/xvid and just about every other video format a pc can play (besides high def stuff cause of CPU limitations)


Try another conversion software. ConvertX2DVD is currently the most popular and reliable “one click” software. Also, due to the countless encoding options that can be contained in an avi file, not all files will properly convert.

A Divx certified DVD player is a better option (in my opinion) if you play avi files frequently.


Yes Dogg I agree with you…