DivX to DVD audio problem

I just tried converting a DivX file to DVD using the DivXtoDVD trial version, the video is excelent quality but the sound is totally out of sync. is the DivX file not compatable or did I do something wrong?

heres a few notes that may be of help…

The video properties says the audio was mpeglayer-3

In the DivXtoDVD software…
I left the “aspect” and “standard” setting on automatic.
The operation log listed the following;

input file…filename etc
Found 2 stream(s)-movie duration 01:29:31:121
Stream#0-Video: msmpeg4, 608.368, 23.98fps
Stream#1-Audio: mp3, 44100Hz, stereo, 127 kb/s
Computed Frame Aspect Ratio: 1.6522