Divx Subtitles



I recently bought a new divx player. Unbranded cheap. Now the problem is that it does not play subtitles. It plays the dvd subtitles but not the divx ones. I tried with srt(Subrip), idx/sub(VobSub) and sub(SubViewer), but no it does play. Sometimes the problem is long filenames so I even renamed both the avi and subtitle to 4 characters. Is it possible to view the subtitles anyway, except for converting to dvd or buying a new player or hard coding the subs. Plz don’t ask me to open the player and check anything.


Could you mention the brand, model number and firmware revision of your divx player?

You could encode the subtitles inside the divx files. like this.


Sorry couldn’t reply earlier, Internet was down. I don’t want to burn in the subtitles as I may have to resize the picture and/or do some more processing to it in the future. How do I see the firmware. The manual provides virtually no info on anything (8 page manual). I get some info on pressing 5-1-6-8 (something like this) in no disc mode. Should I post it?