Divx Struggles



Hi, I had a bit of a brainwave recently and bought a ps3 to basically be my entertainment center, So far have copied all my movies onto it no problem and can watch them fine. Each Dvd is between 2-3gig which is large but I dont really mind as much as the quality is good and theres over 100 of them. Now Im up to my tv series and this is where things get a bit tricky, I am using Handbrake to encode the video to the preset PS3 specs and its not too bad, takes probably 20-30 minutes for a movie. When I select tv series I can choose the episodes indivudually but the file size is too big usually over 1 gig for just a single episode.

I’ve seen good quality Divx videos off the net that are usually around 350mb so i’m now using Divx converter which is then converting them taking over an hour each episode. My question is am I doing a step thats not needed? I feel converting them twice has good results and such but there must be a faster way? At this rate I wont have them done till next year.


At this stage series like heroes and one tree hill with 20+ episodes a series is going to take up about 30-40gig. Thats going a little extreme i think


What are you converting your 350 mb DivX file to?DVD specs?
Does the PS3 not play the files as is? If the PS3 won’t play the file as is,convert to H.264/.mp4 or Xvid/avi…Try XviD4PSP…


you can you programs such as GSpot or MediaInfo to look at one of the good quality 350 mb videos to get a starting point for your conversions.


I haven’t used handbrake before but from my understanding of it, what you are doing is taking an unnecessary step. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but handbrake converts to mp4 and or h.264 (h.264 is a subset of mp4 often used with high def but its also quite suitable for standard def or even portable video). If I’m not mistaken, mp4 should give you better compression and therefor a smaller size than divx. My guess would be it is in your settings. What are the preset ps3 specs that you are using? I’m kind of thinking that you are using too high of a definition setting and or too high of a bitrate (you might be up scaling the video). I have been converting movies to h.264 and am getting good quality with 1GB for the average 2hr movie (I cannot tell the difference from the original dvd’s though I am watching them on standard def tv’s).

What quality settings are available in handbrake besides the “preset ps3 specs”? Fyi you can use gspot like troy512 sugested to fins out what you are actually converting to (open the video file with it and it will tell info about it).