DivX: Remove “User” metadata?

Using GSpot, I’ve noticed that movies I encode to DivX contain a “user” meta. I’m guessing that this identifies me as the registered DivX user that encoded the movie.

I’d like to remove it, but the only program that can even see it is GSpot, and GSpot doesn’t seem to allow changing metadata.

Any help?

MPEG4 Modifier will allow you to edit the ‘user data’ but I’m not quite sure whether that is the same as ‘metadata’. Still, DivX have their own names for many things that are standard so it’s certainly worth a try…

Thanks. Nice tool. Does just what I want it to.

I just found out that the field I’m looking at identifies the encoder library (“DivX503b2318p”) and not me, so I may as well just leave it alone.