DivX releases Dr DivX, convert video files to DivX



I just posted the article DivX releases Dr DivX, convert video files to DivX.

Womble used our news submit to tell us that the guys
of DivX have released an application called Dr DivX, that is able to convert
video files to DivX. According to DivX.com the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5833-DivX-releases-Dr-DivX-convert-video-files-to-DivX.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5833-DivX-releases-Dr-DivX-convert-video-files-to-DivX.html)

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Well isn’t that interesting… the installer crashed on running it!


Great software. Makes re-encoding files simple. I have a massive collection of music vids and this makes working with them simple. Now I can re-encode both videos and MP3s effortlessly.


Installer generated errors. Whoaa, it works! hmm, does it? Live capture takes 100% of my Athlon XP 2400+ and drops frames. Well, guess it’s still a beta. After beta comes gamma and so on :slight_smile:


Well i’ve tried it and i must say it produces rather good quality. And it is almost as fast as mpeg2avipx3. Olso the possebility of encoding from other sources is a good inplementation. Only thing thats missing is Xvid support :+ It’s a shame i say!


Can this program convert a DivX3.11 file to a DivX 5.xx file?


programme adds windows explorer contextmenu entries to avi and mpeg files which are phucking difficult to remove, one has to do it manually through the registry, because the programme doesn’t provide an uncheck box for that. but that’s not so bad. what is really bad is that the programme installs crappy mpeg1/mpeg2 decoders from http://www.elecard.com/ without asking. it assigns a very high priority to them, meaning every time you try to play an mpeg 1 or an mpeg2 file, these crappy decoders will dominate over your own standard decoders. these decoders don’t play half of the files, the other half is played back, but quality is shitty compared to the standard MS mpeg 1/intervideo or powerdvd decoders, and besides, these decoders insert their phucking logo right inside the video picture, which is outrageous. the programme itself is total crap, half of the file formats are not supported, with the other half encoding doesn’t work properly. My advice: dump this crap right now into the recycling bin and use VirtualDubMod for encoding of all formats except for mov and mpeg2. use TMPGEnc plus for mov and mpeg2. use MS mpeg 1 decoders for mpeg1 decoding and intervideo mpeg2 video and audio decoders for mpeg2 files. use intervideo mpeg2 video decoder and this ac3 filter: http://ac3filter.sourceforge.net/ for dvd playback. don’t let dr.divx kill your system! a doctor? pff. doctor my ass! Josef Mengele was a better doctor than this programme :r


it’s spelled P-R-O-G-R-A-M .