Divx questions

I have a few films from my dealer, who says they are divx. When i look on the cd i see many directories like cdi, mpegav (i believe), but i know almost certain that it is not divx. The quality of the movies is realy bad. I have tried many things. Downloaded the newest version of windows mediaplayer, the newest dixv codec version 4.01. But when i play the movie i can’t choose to play the movie with the divx codec he just uses the mpeg video codec. When i put in a disc with a divxmovie ( which is for certian a divx ). He uses the newest version of the divx codec. My dealer says i need to use other divxplayers, but i don’t think this will help.

Is my dealer just lying to me or is it something else?

Well there are some doubts on this matter: I think your movies may have been encoded in DivX using the DivX codec but the source may have been a screener/CAM/VCD/etc. To my opinion a DivX movie is a rip of a DVD film so I would say that your dealer is screwing you :frowning:

I knew it, he also said that he had dvd-quality but i knew that wasn’t true.:frowning:

If you’re asking me? You’ve got a VCD! And I bet it is Rush Hour 2

Well sometimes you can make VCD’s look like DVD rip offs but thats not very offen it happens, I know that my Shrek is DiVX and the quality is Sweeeeeeet :stuck_out_tongue: But it all depens of software and hardware to encode the movie, I guess. Have a look at VCDHELP they helped me out a look :cool:


Originally posted by Redd Ears
If you’re asking me? You’ve got a VCD!

Thought the same thing!!
Especially cause the disc got dir’s like mpegav en cdi on it!
Try PowerDVD in discmode! If it runs it’s a VCD! If it doesn’t then try openings an avi, in filemode, that should be on the disc. If there’s no avi but there is a DAT on it them I’m 100% positive you got yourself a VCD! :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Wookie
I’m 100% positive you got yourself a VCD! :stuck_out_tongue:
Or a VCD encoded in the DivX format to make it smaller in filesize…

Yeah man, what he said about rush hour two!!

I downloaded Jay and Silent Bob four times before I got the right one. Oh no, the other three were working files, but they were RUSH HOUR 2!! Damnit people. We know you’re 31337 for having a file CALLED whatever the movie of the day is on your ftp site, but don’t piss people off by misnomering.