Divx Question?

My question is what program can i use to play divx movies do I download globaldivx player, CAN I use a codec to put in Windows Media Player to Play Divx…I have the PowerDvd software but does IT only play DvdS or Can IT ALSO pLAY dIVX mOVIES…

One more Question Can i put Divx Movies on CD-R Discs?

You can use Mediaplayer to play Divx movies, you just need the right codec. You can also use a different player (One that does not consume so much system resources), but you still need the codecs…

And you can burn DivX on a CDR.

These links should help you:
Search function on this forum

where can i get the codec…what site

Originally posted by CGONZ99
where can i get the codec…what site

hmmm, don’t know what the the average eye sight is in New Jersey, but I believe I posted 2 links in my previous post where you could find these codecs… :wink:

took me 3 seconds to find it there:
http://www.divx.com/download/downloadlist.php?typeid=1 (yes, a different site, but linked from mydivx.com (is a redirect to this site)

thank you for the sarcasm…:stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing beats sarcasm…

But you have to admit…you asked before you even took the time to check for yourself? And behaviour like that deserves some sarcasm :wink:

here are some other links

The last link is something for the people the are realy in divx stuff:)

Thanks for the Information