DIVX Question

I ask this question here because a couple of gentlemen were of great assistance in the past.

My DIVX software often receives a message alerting me to the fact that it is unable to support a specific audio file.

It tells me that this file contains a track in the Dolby AC3 Audio (code’8192’) format. That I might need a DirectShow decoder to hear this audio format.

I would like to download the right fix without jeopardizing all other audio capabilities. I heard that if one grabs the wrong codec it can mess with your other audio.

I am running Vista.

I’m also getting conflicting information on what’s needed here.

Do I need AC3 Filter, AC3 File, or this DirectShow?

Please help me out. I want to get this done right the first time.

IF it is the AC3 Filter that I need, do I need to be particular about what edition? i.e. 1.51a, 1.51b - 1.20b

If I go with the most recent, as shown on the following page, will I be good?