Divx problem

I downloaded a divx-avi file; when i try to play it in windows media player i only get a graphic and no movie-pictures. The sound is o.k. What do i have to do to see the film?

Try re-installing the divx codec.

If that fails download Virtual Dub 1.4.11.

Load up your avi file from within the app, then click the video tab. Select Direct Stream Copy. On the audio tab, select AVI Audio.

Thats it, re-save the avi, which should take about 1 - 2min, and the file should play.

I’ve had similar issues, when I trying to play some of my divx’s in WMP8. I just did the above instructions, and the divx file plays fine.

Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

The codec must be okay since all other avi-files can be played. When i try opening the avi in Virt. Dub i get an error message telling me that " Virt.Dub requires a Video for windows compatible codec to decompress video. DirectShow codecs such as those used by Wind.Med.Player are not suitable." Since all other avi’s don’t give any problem i see no necessity to change any codec?!?

The reason why your get the error:

“Virtual Dub requires a Video for windows compatible codec to decompress video”

Is because you haven’t selected DIRECT STREAM COPY from the video options. YOU MUST SELECT THIS OPTION!!!

If you select that option like I previously mentioned, VB will not change the codec used to encode the avi, it will simply do…guest what…a direct stream copy.

Also make sure that on the audio menu, that AVI Audio is selected.

What I have mentioned above will not recompress the avi or change the codec used, what so ever! It will however show the movie-pictures with the audio. I think since VB reprocesses the avi, it better defines the visual information.

I suspect that the film you are trying to watch was probably encoded using Divx 3x.

Are you sure it’s Divx? It sounds to me like a dv-type .avi file instead…at least that would be the kind of error (inappropriate decompressor) virtualdub would give you. If reinstalling divx doesn’t help, try ffdshow.

If for some reason you need to reconstruct the movie in virtualdub, make sure you tick on load-up additional options in the open file dialog box, then choose re-drive keyframes.

Another possiblity is the avi file uses different type of divx codecs (such as nimo), but this could be solved by installing ffdshow and use it as your decompressor instead of divx.

I hope am not being too confusing :wink: