DivX Pro Plasma Alpha build 1394 (Tritium)

An improved codec by DivxNetworks called DivX Pro Plasma Alpha build 1394 (Tritium), sounds nice to me although I’m not a transcoding expert :p. Check the quote for the interresting improvment:

R&D for the DivX Pro Plasma codec has been focused strictly around improving video quality and compression. In our testing Plasma improves compression over DivX Pro 5.2.1 by 8 - 34% depending on bitrate and resolution, ultimately translating to better video quality without increased file size. Better still, all enhancements are within the confines of DivX Certified profiles so you can reap the benefits on your DivX CE devices with no impact on content compatibility.

34% O_O

Wow, this would mean that the quality of a 700mb movie (dvdripp etc) will increase from 100 to 134 (or is this calculation wrong)?

not quite, i dont think. im too lazy to work the math out - but its saying that file compression has increased by 8-34%. a 700 mb movie at its current quality would be decreased in size by 8-34%, depending on where their improvements actually are realized. since its a range, i imagine most gains that would be seen are near the lower end of that % gap.


oh… thx for info :wink: