DivX Pro codec updated to v5.2, Dr. DivX updated to v1.1.5

I just posted the article DivX Pro codec updated to v5.2, Dr. DivX updated to v1.1.5.

Thanks to simon_bethor and magix we know that yesterday a new
version of the DivX Pro codec, Dr. DivX software and DivX Player
software have been released. Most of our…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8721-DivX-Pro-codec-updated-to-v5_2-Dr_-DivX-updated-to-v1_1_5.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8721-DivX-Pro-codec-updated-to-v5_2-Dr_-DivX-updated-to-v1_1_5.html)

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  1. The damn thing is SPYWARE : http://forums.divx.com/viewtopic.php?topic=59879&forum=24 2. It have strange bug with VDub/VDubMod -codec selection dialog freezes for almos a minute each time you click on DivX Pro 5.2 codecf line , also the start up is slow. 3. It by default takes over all MPEG4 decoding overriding XviD and FFDShow .
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XviD is better in every way compared to DivX (except newbie friendliness)

So far it was true , I have to test new version before making conclusions , they added a lot of new stuff in it …

I’m surprised they got rid of that stupid Gain-infested trial package. I have no clue how many people that drove away, only that I am one of them… 6 months for a trial is a very nice pennance, tho.

  1. Its not spyware - please take the time to check things out before you over-react, like these guys did here: http://forums.divx.com/viewtopic.php?topic=59890&forum=13 2. That’s a bug which we only saw on one machine during testing - we’ll work on a fix, thanks for reporting it! 3. Turn off “Support Generic MPEG-4” in the DivX Decoder Configuration (from your Start menu). Also, FFDShow by default takes over DivX and XVID decoding itself :wink:
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OK it’s not spyware but the program shouldn’t go to the internet without notifying the user. Unlike DivX , the FFDShow let’s you disable “take over” during install - if you do not want it you uncheck the boxes. “The bug” was “fixed” by complete uninstall and reinstalling the DrDivX . DrDivX is great program btw, but it crashes too much .:frowning:

I’m building a list of changes we need to make for 5.2.1 - Take over is on there :slight_smile: