DivX Pro 5.1.1 Beta 1 now available, 50% faster than DivX 5.1

I just posted the article DivX Pro 5.1.1 Beta 1 now available, 50% faster than DivX 5.1.

Via the DivX Labs website
we can read that a new beta of the DivX 5.1 codec has been released which,
according to the announcement, is a whopping 50% faster than the original DivX

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6945-DivX-Pro-5_1_1-Beta-1-now-available-50-faster-than-DivX-5_1.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6945-DivX-Pro-5_1_1-Beta-1-now-available-50-faster-than-DivX-5_1.html)

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Does this mean you can play a divx movie smooth on an old system or does this just mean that the encoding is done faster?

It means encoding is much faster

I wonder if it can compete with the quality of the XViD codecs (especially Koepi’s build)…?

yep it can in slowest mode :B

“For those of you who don’t know what DivX is (shame on you!)” Ha! now that’s funny! Ok, so if the encoding is done faster, does that mean a slower machine will have more success playing a DivX movie? That having been said, on my slow-@ss laptop, ffdshow codec seems to do the trick for all my decoding needs considering it’s running an old 266 PII, or so I have found.

encoding mean “making movie” , decoding - “watching movie” , only encoding is faster. Btw: according to reports only Fast and Standard modes are fast , the Slowest working on the same speed as 5.1 …

Can it be any faster? They are stupid. If the can acheive 50% faster speeds, don’t tell the public. Let them buy a few versions in between. Then ask twice as much for 50% increase in speeds.

TexasGuy, spoken like a true, consumer robbing monopolist. Charge twice as much because the speed is twice as fast? Do you work for apple per chance, where a service pack costs $1 per fix. Heck, I have to say government lawsuits would show up everywhere if MS did that with windows XP and it’s SP1 which contained over 700 fixes. Somehow apple gets to do this and it’s ok and then their users eat it up. (sorry, I love to bring that subject up all the time)