DivX Playback resizing problems.. help!

i have created several working div x movies from my dvds with flask no problems. The problems come when i view these in media player (or any viewing prog) and i try to make it bigger than the default size i encoded it at ( ie. to view at full screeen for example). It becomes incredibly skippy and jumpy and really a nightmare to view. I assume that its a hardware problem because everything else works great and i can view it no problems on its default encoded size or smaller. Any ideas??/

I got:

win 98
667 mhz processor
128 mb ram



Your hardware could be the problem… although a 667 MHz CPU should be ok :confused: A PIII or K7 CPU is recommended for viewing so if you have a Celeron CPU it could be too slow. Here’s some things you can try:

Use Smooth Player for playing the movies (15% less CPU usage).
View the movies in 16bits mode instead of 32bit.
Lower your screen resolution.
Close all other programs.