DivX Playback problems



Hi, hopefully one of you knowledgeable cd freakers out there can help.

During playback, the movie will play fine for four or five seconds then either freeze on the one frame for 1-2 seconds or starting playing at a really bad FPS rate.
HELP! This sux.

Don’t have heaps of machine details handy (im at work).
Think its a AMD K6 450mhz CPU
with 192MB SDRAM
Win 98 SE
4 Gig HDD
Basic Built in Video/Audio (some sort of Via chipset)
dunno much else useful about the system specs unfortuantely.

Have already tried Defragging HDD, and playing back the movie both from the HDD and CDROM drive.
Tried a couple of different players (Media Player 6.4 and GdivX) with no luck (the same problem occured)

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.



don’t know this will help you, but try getting divx-antifreeze here

then it might work


Or here: http://www.tac.ee/~prr/videoutils/ if you can’t understand Dutch… Just download the AntiFreeze filter and run it. It will be installed within 3 seconds. Let us know if it works!


thanks for the tips and links to anti-freeze fellas.
Ill try it and let u know how it goes.


no good guys, still experiencing the same probs.
any other ideas?


It could very well be that the AMDK6 is a bit too slow for DivX. An AMD K7 is recommended… You could try reinstalling the DivX codec but I think it won’t help you’ll just have to ask your boss for a new computer :slight_smile:

Some tips to help you with playback:

-Lower the screen resolution to 640*480 for instance.
-Shut down all other programs running in the back.
-Do NOT use MediaPlayer (heavy CPU usage).



Ik also had a K6-2 (400) which was NOT enough… always bad fps! :frowning:


yeah, i thought the speed might be the problem, but for some other movies it seems to play fine, so that can’t be the only problem.



What resolution is this movie that plays bad?! And what are the other movies their res?! The bigger the movie, the more your cpu has to work! :wink:


well i use to have a k6-3 400 and it worked fine but what kind of onboard vid card do you have. that can give some terrible fps. on my old system i had a k6-3 400@475 and a voodoo3 overclock to 190. just my words of wisdom. hope it sheds some light


I’ve had the same problems. I solved it by changing the color palette in the monitor settings from 32 to 16 bit (High Color)


thanks for all the latest advice guys, ill try the thing with the 32bit to 16bit colour thing tonight.



The original firrst movie I made in flask which was perfect now does not play fine it freezes exactly like brazya said. I recently tried nandub and the divxfix before recently playing this movie after a long time. So I am thinking one of these is the culprit. The first recently done movie in nandub BLUE STREAK was freezing at full screen only so I did the divx fix 3 no good then I did the movie in flask and runs fine. So I dumped nandub. then yesterday plyed this old movie which was fine 6 months ago now freezes. No other movie freezes. I am frustated. I hope you all have understood what the problem is. I dont wanna fromat my Hd now coz I have a burner and millions of software installed working beautifull. The burner 6X4X24 now I never nevr get coasters. I burn cds withhout buffer under run technology and need none coz I can now burn with confidence. So you see it will be a waste to format my harddrive.

P3 450Mhz
128 Mb ram
Nvidia tnt 2 riva M64
dvd drive