DivX playback problem!

Hello everybody!

My problem is a follows: i encoding my movies with DivX 5 pro! but if i try to play the whole movie with microDVD 1.2 my system crashes. I have a P4 1,8GHZ, an ASUS V7700 geforce2 Ti with the latest drivers from Nvidia! any suugestions ???:slight_smile:

why not use the windows media player 6.4, its inC:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe

is microdvd the only prog it does it in?

what do you mean by your system crashes?

I also doubt that its a problem with yor video card.

Windows XP?

I use the freeware BSPlayer.

See Test of the DivX players.


I had a similar problem. image just hung in a particular frame some times while watching a divx movie. This happened with all players except the one included with divx5, but then again with this last one, sound was some times ‘crackling’.

So, the hanged image problem turned out to be the ‘smooth playback’ option set in the DIVX playback configuration panel. Once unchecked, it all works OK. (To uncheck it I had to use another player : bsplay which lets you access the codec playback configuration,… not sure houw you can do the same from within microdvd)

For the crackilng problem, Still not fully determined, but seems like reencoding audio with virtualdub and unchecking the ‘quality encoding’ option solves the problem.