Divx, one of the more spectacular failures



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The late and unlamented limited-play DVD system Divx (NOT DivX :wink: ) was one of the more spectacular failures in the recent history of home entertainment formats. After a lukewarm reception from…

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I was surprised no hackers ever figured a way to crack the DiVx time limiter on the movies… being able to use them over again and not have to report it to DiVx headquarters… Interesting enuff…when the went out of buisness, you could get awesome deals like 50cents each on the movies… they were supposed to work unlimited amounts of times until July 31,2001. We’ll see how they enforce that… maybe I’ll luck out and have gotten away with hundreds of movies that will still work for under 50cents each! If not, no biggies theyre were all encoded to DivX AVI by now anyway…


… maybe… maybe not…! :stuck_out_tongue:


DIVX (the commercial one) is BULLSHIT !!!


Well, won’t call it bullshit… It’s a great commercial idea, that set a big threat on the large movie companies because of various (suspected) copyright infringments. Innovation is progress, and innovation doesn’t come just of coincidences. So if it isn’t a coincidence, it means it can be controlled, and that’s just why… Getting my point? Probably not, but I just have to live with that twisted mind :7 Anyhow, I’m SURE a well-deployed and organised commercial introduction of the DiVX players would have given it a much much longer life span than only 2 years. And this time it isn’t a bad promotion campaign (like Philips did with the V-2000 system) but a competative commercial system that had to be brought down… Will it ever relive? Don’t know for sure, but I’m sure the DVD+RW standard for the new VCR’s gives it an option :wink: Future will tell…


I thought DiVX was awesome, I could rent movies over the phone and I never had to worry about late charges…I’m not sure why it was panned so harshly by the online community.