Divx on dvdplayer?

Is it posible to play divxmovies on a dvdplayer. Because i don’t have any experience with this.

you can convert Divx to a VCD
and a VCD should be playable on a DVD player (if that one supports it)

Use our search to find out more…please (it has been dealt with many times before and I am too lazy (and busy) to type it all over again)

We recently are talking about these standalone DivX players overhere.

When you convert the divx to a vcd does the quality of the movie gets worse or not.

[COLOR=deeppink]your best bet is to read up on the this WWW.VCDHELPER.com site…it will tell u A…Z…about VCD,SCVD’s,Xvcd’s…also it has all the software u need to convert to anything MPg,AVI.ASf(note only MPEGS work in DVD players,it aslo depends if ure DVD player can support VCD’s(mpegs) and at what bitrate(quality) , this site will tell u if ure player can play VCD’s at what[COLOR=deeppink]bitrate and wat colour Cdr’s it can play(many dvd players can only play certain colour or brand cd’s) this site will tell u all bout that too …click on the DVDplayers link on the site …enjoy!!! :eek: