Divx on cd problem



hi, i have burned a divx movie on cdr today but when i try to watch it from cd i get an error and wont play,but when i copy it to my hd it play fine!!! so is this usual whit divx?or do i got shomthing strange??


Well, Divx works fine from my cdromdrive, but it does take up 85% of my entire cpu (400 mhz) So perhaps it’s because u were also running other things while u were wathching. If so, then don’t ! (I have a 40X cdromdrive)


tnx meurz,i have tested the cd in my burner and my laptop there it works fine like it use to do,only in my ide36X he doesnt but im glad he works!!! so tnx again voor the advice :slight_smile:


No problem

Don’t u just love Divx ?? I’ve asked some questions about Divx recently too. I had one of over 1 gigabyte and I wanted to cut it in half. So I learned a few things. It requires a fast processor because the video and audio are immensely compressed. A few friends of mine have a P pro 200 mhz and a PII 233 mhz. They have problems with Divx, because the video and audio aren’t synchonised there.
Thank god it works fine here !!