DivX: New threat to DVD



I just posted the article DivX: New threat to DVD.

Some of you may already heard of it, DivX. It is already called as the MP3 of the DVD industry. DivX can, if the ripper did a good job, put about 100 minutes of good quality video on a CD-R. More…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/333-DivX-New-threat-to-DVD.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/333-DivX-New-threat-to-DVD.html)

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I LOVE IT! I have the Matrix – FULL frames it’s just 560 MB! And American Pie FULL frames and better quality than the Matrix is just 675 MB! DivX rulez BIGTIME


Jezus, kom is met nieuwere nieuwes man dit is al OUD!!!


Sorry, but the guys at Betanews are… how to put it politely?.. anyway…
Divx is not something ‘new’, it’s just asf, it has nothing to do with some mystery ‘irc society’, has been around for too long, maybe more than 6 months, vivo was used before, and it does NOT substitute the original dvd, believe it or not. Or it does, if you pay no attention to pixelation and artifacts…


So funny to read…
DivX isn’t a threat to DVD, haha, who came up with that…
First, DivX ISN’T Hardware accellerated, lousy. Second, DivX doesn’t come close to DVD in either Sound or Picture Quality. Third, DivX doesn’t contain the special stuff the DVDs does. OK, if you’re not into movies like me, and want them to be as good as possible, then maybe it’s good, but I prefer the orginal Amaray Keepcases with nice covers and Special Features on the disc. There is however one thing DivX is good for, Music Videos and small “Episode shows” like Futurama, but NOT for fulltime movies, no way.


Hmmmm i’m wondering if u have seen a GOOD divx rip…
i got a couple here and they are simply beautifull. especially the WS dvdrips…

QuoteDivx is not something ‘new’, it’s just asf/[quote] this is not true
asf is not as good as divx by FAR. if you want to see a movie try divx… it is really worth the try.
btw watn divx movies contact me


if you want to convert DVD’s yourself, check this page: http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/support/mpeg4mp3.html this is THE easiest way



I want to set up a DivX ring
icq 25392496


Ok, small addition…
I have done this mpeg4 conversion myself a long time ago (an exercise to keep cpu busy during the night), so I know how good (or bad) a divx movie can be. So yes, the quality can be very good indeed, concerning the size of the movie, no, it cannot substitute the original dvd movie. This depends on how you feel about the movie; if you really like it, you will get the dvd, if you don’t you would watch it even on real video. If you appreciate the movie you watch, you will notice the difference.
I could be more detailed, but this would bring us into mpeg4 vs mpeg2 vs mpeg1.


Can’t you ppl think anymore, look… If you have a 8GB movie, and then compress it to 700mb, what do that say? Of course the quality will be worse than the original. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to se formats that can compress w/o quality loss, like the next JPEG due for 2001, but not now, and I hardly think compression is the main thing with discs that will be able to store hundreds of GBs, why not just keep it uncompressed then.


Ok, so we can make a high quality AVI. If you then want to play those files on your stand alone dvd player (instead of buying the DVD) surely you have to burn the a VCD (at MPEG1). So, am i right in saying that this is only of any use if you want to watch films on a PC ?? Thx


I am the author of the DivX conversion guide mentioned above (mpeg4mp3.html at digital-digest.com).

It’s true, this format can only be played back on the PC (and it also has to have the DivX codec installed). And of course the quality cannot be seriously compared to DVD, although it’s close and heaps better than VCD (also faster to encode, higher resolution, easier to edit - as AVI file).

The great thing about this new format is it’s flexibility, in that if you scale the bitrate all the way up, it can be as good as DVD (even better if you convert from the original digital source). This format IS the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if HD-DVD will be based on this format (MPEG-4).

And as for piracy concerns, this is not likely as “real” DVD users would never buy an inferior quality format (eg. VHS) if a superior version is available (ie. DVD). And also the fact that this format is only playable on the PC, means that VCD users would still prefer VCD.


Sorry, but forgot to add that the DivX codec’s bitrate can also be scaled down to use as a internet streaming video format.

Also, I’ve updated the DivX MPEG-4 Conversion guide and included diagrams for most of the steps :



If the things I’ve heard is true… DivX uses Mp3 compression, then it will never come close to DVD, because MP3 sucks bigtime, not cd quality and no 5.1…
MP3 is good for listening at music with (but doesn’t beat cds) but for Movies? NO WAY.