DivX Muxing issue

HI all,

I am trying to rip the Basic Instict DVD to DivX. I am using Gordian

Knot 0.27 and the DivX5.0.3 codec. I have downloaded and following the

instructions of the DiVX 5 guide from http://www.everwicked.com. The

issue that I am having is that I am trying to keep the original AC3

track. However, I am not able to mux the video and the audio. I get no

sound. I am using Nandub to do this and performing the instructions as

provided in the guide. I am leaving the Interleave factor in Nandub on

128/128 which is said to be good for 5.1 448 kbps. I am also tried

other combinations, but still there is no sound. The AC3 track when

played in Windows Media Player plays perfectly. But there is no sound

if the video and the audio files are muxed. I am stumped!!

I will appreciate any assistance regarding this issue. Thanks in


Aquarius :eek:

This is more likely a problem with your Directshow AC3 codec than the file itself. Windows by default doesn’t contain an AC3 directshow codec, although Windows Media Player will play AC3 files if part of a VOB MPEG2 file or off a DVD from what I remember (assuming third party DVD codecs are installed). To play AC3 as the sound track of an AVI, a Directshow AC3 codec is required.

If your software can mux AC3 with DivX without complaint then the resulting AVI file should be fine. It may be worth searching for an AC3 Directshow plugin first to see if this works.


Another software tool suitable for muxing AC3 and AVI is the modified version of Virtual Dub:


Thx for the reply. I installed the AC3 codec from the link that you provided but still no go! Now, after muxing in Nandub, I can hear the audio in Windows Media Player but cannot see any video. If I try using the DivX Player Alpha, I can see the video but have no audio. I tried muxing with the VirtualDub mod software with the same results.

Please help.

Aquarius :confused:

Hi all,

k… I performed some instructions from the ones that were provided in another thread in this forum ( How do I determine the audio stream?.. Posted by Expertech ). I went to http://www.eclipsedvd.firstream.net/divxpack.htm and downloaded the Directshow pack from there, installed it and voila! I had sound and video both when I played the muxed avi file in Windows Media Player and BS Player. But the sound just disappears a little later after the movie starts. I tried muxing the avi file using Nandub and Virtualdubmod on different interleave settings. However, the same thing happens. Also, DivX player Alpha is still behaving the same way. It plays the avi file, but there is no audio, only the video.

Strange… any ideas???

Aquarius :frowning: