Divx Movies



I just downloaded a 45 movies from kazaa and i need more room. I cannot just go and buy another hard drive because i am outta money. I have an abundance of 700 mb cds and i want to burn the movies to cd. All these movies are avi or mpeg and they are all older than divx 4.12, duh, 5.0 just came out. I bought the full version of divx 5.0 pro and i need to know if there is a way i can compress the movies down. Or if there are any other alternatives to getting them on a 700 mb cd. If there is a web site or tutorial it would be grealty appreciated. What is the best thing to do( Please don't say delete them, there are enough smart asses in the world).


If they ware Divx movies… then compressing them wont help you as divx is a compressed format… so is mpeg but lesser.


if ur CDRW can handle overburning…u might wanna burn them onto 800MB CDs…?

why are u using Kazaa? they have tons of spyware bundled with the program.

tot divx 5 is free program??