DivX movies with multichannel sound?

Is there some way how to make DivX movie with multichannel sound (5.1)? I know how to rip movies with normal sound (AC3->WAV), but i’d like to have some surround sound if it is possible.
Thanks for any advice…

It’s certainly possible
Try www.digital-digest.com
and you should find what you need
But when you rip to mp3 and have good soundset, you still hear the surround…

You must now that if you make a rip with ac3 (5.1) sounds that you cannot play it just in the windows media player

You need another codec.

Plus you need to make a 2cd rip because the sounds takes lore rome up then Mp3/Wma sound.

And we still want some room for a good quality movie hehe :slight_smile:

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Greeeeeetzzz The Lord!! :slight_smile: