DivX movies on games consoles

Is there a way to watch DivX movies burnt on a DVD-R on a PS2 or XBOX without a mod chip?

Without a MOD chip it’s impossible.

you could try the knife swap method here’s a link never tryed it my self


hope it’s helpfull :slight_smile:


Time to get modding :wink:

get an xbox, mod it, put xbmc on it, then stream all your films, music, photos straight from your comp to any tv in the house via it…

u can even find out the weather :cool:

actually, this isn’t true. there are software mods and onboard bios (or TSOP) flashing methods. software mods use exploits to run the needed files from the hard drive, while TSOP flashing flashes the onboard bios with a hacked one (which would make it run practically like a modchip). all this can be found on xbox-scene.

either of these methods would allow the running of unsigned code on the xbox, which you would need to run Xbox Media Center (which can play most media files, including divx).

hburrows83: why do that when you can stream from the pc to any place in the house.


Ok Ok Ok Ok
So I got my xbox and all I want is to be able to play divx xvid svcd vcds ect, just a media playing xbox and play games and burnt media and burnt xbox games,

So How do I do this with out messing up my xbox?