Divx movies on dvd players

Hello , I am from Mississauga,On Canada.

I have burned a divx movie and when i play it in my dvd player the movie screen is to narrow. It looks as if it is squished. How can I rectify this?

I would appreciate all input

Use a suitable resolution/format for your standalone when transcoding it from the source or ask the standalone manufacturer for fixes.

The movies are downloaded from mininova and when i play the divx on the computer, the picture is smaller than a letter box size format and when i burn to a dvd it is the same on my television.

Hmmm… in that case may we enquire whether there are any copyright issues here?

your point being…!

Read the rules of the forum is the point I think kidd is making. Never get sassy with a mod, by the way, it will be at your own risk.

Because we like to give people the benefit of the doubt, I politely asked if you are legally able to download and use the movies referred to. If not, then we can’t help you.

JayC30 has given you some other very useful advice, and I suggest you take heed :cop:.

is anyone legally allowed to burn/copy cds or dvds? this is what you discuss.

i refuse to re-catalogue my music or movies just because the technology changes. What will happen when you have to purchase a new hd dvd player because the movies released in hd or blue ray will not work on your old one.

as far as i know it is not legal to upload.

Sorry if I came across the way I did kidd, I only appreciate direct answers to
direct questions. :confused:

Yes in a number of countries they can and in others they can’t in some countries there are no laws to allow you to but it is tolerated from. There is a difference between doing it for something you own from something you own 9if that makes sense) than actually using a p-2-p network to download something that you may not own.

Even in the countries where you have the right to back something up I think you would be in a grey area downloading the same thing even if you own it off one of the free p-2-p networks.

In some countires it is illegal to download let alone upload. Hence why there tends to be a cautious approach here to anything off the p-2-p networks as opposed to the pay for services. Even more so as in Germany courts have ruled that admin teams can be held responsible for things of an illegal nature being posted on forums, though surrently this seems only to apply to those forums attached to a business.

As someone who appreciates dirct answers, why then did you not answer the question kidd asked about possible copyright issues.

That’s OK, but I hope you’ll appreciate that there may be an extra dimension to your direct question that has to be taken into account.

JayC30 has taken the trouble to explain the situation to you; if you have any more questions on the legality of peer-to-peer file sharing versus making DVD backups, then we have a forum “Music Download, Peer to Peer (P2P) & Legal Issues” for such discussion.

Meanwhile we await the information to allow this thread to progress.