DivX movies dealer?



Do you all know about the new DivX movie format? I have The Matrix trailer in this format and OH MY GOD it is great! It’s an 15 MB file… and the trailer is 2 and a half minute and it’s ALMOST DVD-QUALITY!!! Much better than ANY vcd screener or DVD-rip!
So one full movie is about the size of 1 cd-rom and very very good quality…
But it looks like it’s only possible to download these movies and for me that’s not really possible…
So I am looking for a dealer or anybody who will burn DivX movies on cd-rom and sell them…
Hope someone can help me out here…


Can u tell me where we can download this movies?




Try IRC:
#divx on Undernet
#DivX-Central on Efnet


Oh… here http://divx.vcdguide.com/ you can download the DivX codec (you need it to play DivX-avi-files (the extention is .avi but it isn’t regular avi, it’s DivX-avi )) and there you can also download some examples showing the codec’s potential.