Divx-movie is too small

I’m using DVDx 2.0, DivX 5.02 (1-pass) and Trap’s Calc V.1 to calculate the bitrate for a 700 MB CD-R. But the final DivX-movie is about 585 MB. Can someone tell me how to make a DivX-movie with a size of 699 or 700 MB?

Increase the bitrate, or don’t resize the resolution to a higher one than what you’ve resized it to (don’t make it bigger than the source, of course!).

If that doesn’t work, try using a sharper codec (like XviD or SBC).

If it still doesn’t work, your movie is saturated, try increasing the audio bitrate or something. That’s been shown to increase perceived quality of video.

Gordian Knot will consistently make a 700 MB AVI file. If a movie is highly compressible it may not require 700 MB for a given resolution. Gordian Knot has a compressibility test (takes about 5 minutes) which reveals this condition before encoding starts . Increasing the bitrate doesn’t help because it is saturated.

In this case, if you wish, the resolution can be increased until the compressibility index falls in a range that will allow the full 700 MB will be used for the movie. :wink:

I agree with Inertia :smiley: You can’t go wrong with GordianKnot (provided that you follow all the procedures :wink: )