DIVX Media Player Setup

Hi. I am looking at putting together an External Hard Drive with a Divx Player that supports USB. Has anyone got any recommendations that would be helpful?

Many thanks in advance.

How much do you want to spend?

Hi there, I’m i newbie at all of this…obviously…I have recently purchased a HDD DIVX player (Multimedia Player).


My problem is, i downloaded some firmware to upgrade the features on it. the instruction manual for the player said to install the firmware to the player, which i did, and to activate the firmware to turn the player on and do it on the t.v, in other words, unplug the player from the computer, and set it up as you would to watch a movie through your t.v…so i did all of that, found the firmware file on the player and proceeded to activate the firmware as instructed. then i message popped up saying “BANK30-LA-0630” in one box and in the other box “Warning Do not power off while firmware upgrade is under processing, it will cause a serious system hang up!!!”

To my luck i tripped over the power cord and the player turned off!!!, ever since this incident, i have been unable to watch anything off the media player, at all!!!

Here’s the manual: http://www.megawares.com/ebay/exthdd/HD_Player_english_Manual.htm

Thanks. I would be looking to spend about £30-£40 for the Divx Player. And depending on the HD size £50-£100. Thanks for your help with this,

I have two Pioneer DV400s that work very well. I think the new model is a DV410. It has a USB port too. Keep in mind that the USB ports on most of these Divx DVD players do not power a 2.5" HDD.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunently the DV400’s are out of my price range. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks again.

I have bought both of my DV400s from an ebay seller for dirt cheap prices. Here are a few they have for auction:


There are more listed with this seller. Be sure and look at what comes with the player because some come in the original box and some don’t even have the remote. The ones without remotes can be bought for less than $15 which includes shipping. You can access the menus and commands from the front panel so you don’t need the remote to work the unit and you can get a cheap universal remote to work the basic commands. If you are sneaky you can snipe one for around $20-$30 with a remote and the most I have seen one sell for is $50. Like I said, I have bought two from this seller and both work flawlessly. Personally, I think many people buy these USB players expecting them to power a 2.5" HDD through the USB port and when they don’t they think the unit is defective and return them. In reality there is nothing wrong with them and they actually work perfectly well.