DivX in HD

Recently, I’ve discovered that there are DivX certified DVD players that will play High Definition quality videos encoded in the DivX codec. A small list of official players can be found here: http://www.divx.com/products/hw/browse.php?c=7

My question is, are there other players? Cheaper? Better? And are there players that will play XviD as well as DivX?

XviD and DivX are technically similar. I have no problems playing XviD encoded files on my Liteon DivX player or my Archos AV500.

Have you tried playing any HD content, or more than 740x480 on it? That is the main purpose of this thread.

It only supports 720x576 as the maximum size. I dont know of any High Def DivX players currently on the market.

The link in my original post is a link to the offical players that do play High Def DivX players. There are only a few of them. I’m looking for more.

For the price (180-300) they are very affordable compared to HD or BluRay.

Plus, the DivX website is about 1 1/2 years old behind in releases as far as the players go, i’m looking for newer players.