DivX - Glitch 20mins B4 end of film

Hope there’s someone out there who can help!!

Problemo… I am copying DVD using DivX. On playback, I notice that during the last 5 chapters (20mins before end), the picture is extremely patchy, big squares, etc… the rest of film has copied fine. (This has happens to all DVD’s I attempt)

As a test, I’ve started the encoding from the last few chapters and they appear ok… It seems that my Toshie gets a little tired towards the end…

Any ideas on how to stimulate my Toshie a little? :confused:


Hi, welcome to the forum.

The results you are getting is typical of burning at to high speed and / or crappy media. Try slowing the burn down and try better media.

Thanks Moderator Man,

BUT… I’m copyig films with DVDX 2.0 using DIVX Codec 5.03 Pro… Burning is not the problem… It is the encoding! Not playback problem from CD which has been burn’t… Playback problem is from the result of the encoded DVD file saved on hard drive.

Any response to this one?

Thanks for the further explanation. For the pic to get bad near the end then, DVDx has lowered the bit rate to allow it to fit to the size of your CDR. Uts been a long time since I used DVDx and never for DivX anyway.

Is this your fist attempt to convert to DivX with DVDx or has it worked for you before?

There are other alternatives to DVDx, such as Gordian Knot or Vidomi. Have a read of tis Tute http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59485

Thanks for the fast response, Chickenman.

Yeah, I thought of that one too… (as my setting is regulated in order to be able to burn onto CD (ISO 80mins)…

But then again, for the films which are too long for the 80 mins, another file is automatically created to capture the rest of the film - Even on these files, there are no hiccups at the end!

I’ve been using DVDx for a while now (previously very successful)… Until, I upgraded to the newest version. I haven’t used any of the additional features provided in this new version, thus, I’m not sure what difference it could make.

Cheers for your recommendations and the reading material. Will test and see…

I do like using DVDx and therefore, if do have further suggestions on resolving this prob… please, feel free!

Thanks again!