Divx from hard drive to dvd player menu reqd

Hi first time so hope i am in the right area

I have a dvd player with a usb to play my dvd movies on the tv, so i attached my external hard drive to the player and watch divx movies works great the only thing is my dvd player on has a limted file of 7 characters so i cannot read the whole title of the movie on the tv so i need a menu system, i would like to use the cover of the dvd as a button to select the dvd i want to watch. Any ideas would be great.

divx doesn’t use a menu, only the normal dvd movie format uses an interactive menu.
You could try to convert your divxes to the dvd format using convertxtodvd. It also creates a nice menu.

It is possible to make a menu for divx without converting to mpeg2/dvd. One tool for doing this is TMPGenc Author 3.

The menu i need to make is not for chapters of a movie it is finding a movie to watch. The player has a explorer type file systme with only 7 charatres. What i need is a file system for my movies so i can click on a button idealy a picture of the dvd cover and it will hyperlink to a movie. I believe i need a single frame mpeg that i can add buttons then pick a path to a movie. The player can view jpg mpeg divx and i navigate the file system with the remote control.

So you’re looking for the functionality of Windows Media Center on divx files.

Have you tried JRiver Media Center? There is a 30 day trial available, but I’m not sure it really fits your specific needs. Closest thing I know of…but maybe someone else will chime in with a better suggestion.

You are on the right track the only thing is a dvd player will not run a program. So i need to create an mpeg single frame movie with a menu button and hyperlink to the movies i think…


Hey hedge101,

Did you find any solution to the problem?

[QUOTE=ns21;2194009]Hey hedge101,

Did you find any solution to the problem?[/QUOTE]

Use original DVDs instead of divx files from legal(??) sources.

lol ! well all my divx are legal [:disagree:], I like carrying less discs and more movies :wink:
I have been wondering what could be the best format (ISO or UDF 1.02 or higher or ISO/UDF) to burn Divx to DVD+R? any ideas?