DivX ;-) follow up: DivX ;-) Deux

I just posted the article DivX :wink: follow up: DivX :wink: Deux.

Submitted by: FlipMo
Source: http://www.projectmayo.com/

The makers of DivX have as you probably know, launched project mayo, to develope a new codec to follow DivX ;-).
Now, they are…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/854-DivX---follow-up--DivX---Deux.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/854-DivX---follow-up--DivX---Deux.html)

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Old news but anyway Gr8 for the DivX :wink: Scene…

Haha thry beating that Microsuxx, with your ASF sh*t :wink:

Well get your facts right, DivX :wink: is based on the mpeg4 codec MADE by Microsoft, but the DivX :wink: makers added MP# as a sound option.

Why do you think they started part deux?

Hrrmmm I don’t see what’s so bad about this drive, I have it and it burns fast enough, since QUALITY is the most important factor in burns… why have a fast, Sh!tty burn??? It’s loudish just like all the other drives… I’d say it’s at least 70-80% all good… plus you CANNOT beat liteOn’s forum and firmware hack support…! :B

Bought one of these last week. First burn (movie) appeared to go well but won’t play at all in anything other than the writer !. Verbatim 16x and latest firmware. Back in went my old Plextor 716, burnt again perfectly on same media… RUBBISH !

pretty good 2 me. i use DL almost exclusively and this unit does a better job thean my plextor 760A on DL on single layer i cant say it does a bettter job but i can trust it 2 burn prefect DVDs/CDs under Xp pro, vista 32 & 64 bit…i use it more then the plextor which i just replaced with the Samsung S203B

So far when burning a dvd I have not had ONE solitary success. Out of 10 tries the best I have managed Has been to get to 9%. Yes I have gotten the latest firmware and yes I have tried more than 1 type of dvd to burn. I think this is the most abhorrent piece of trash I have ever owned. If anyone wants a ‘coaster maker’ I believe I have one right here. :frowning:

:c I’ve got the firmware recently but when I rub it it says this funny message: no maych drive detected ! this utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW LH20A1S drive. Detected drives: LITE-ON DVDRW LH20A1S :frowning:


I dont like the idea that it struggles to write DVD DL media im having a hard time writting on DVD DL and they dont come cheap so far in my opinion the 9L09 firmware is such a waste