Divx filter broken?

I am having a problem playing a divx file on my p.c without glitches,(audio,picture looks almost like its x-rayed at times when fast forwarding)I can convert to dvd with good picture but audio is out of sync.I dont know if this is just this file or a codec.divx I used gspot to see what codec and it says divx3 low motion,and that it is installed. so after trying to convert with divxtodvd and then nero many times I had many problems,so I ran codec tweak tool and it said it detected broken codec.So now I uninstall and reinstall klite codec pack.As I am about to finish install A message pops up reading the following:

"the following direct show filter was detected as broken
name: divx decoder filter
file name: unknown
clsid: clsid_divx deux HKEY_classes_ root\clsid{083863f1-70de-11do- bd40-00aoc911 ce 86\instance\clsid-divx deux

reason: missing required key hkey-classes_root\clsid …etc.

Do i need to go to run reg edit and add this missing key?
I can find the area of this in the registry and it says set value and i do not know how to add the key, because it says the key is listed in the top right corner. Or should I add a new divx codec from somewhere? What divx codec should i look for so I know.


The problem is the movie file. It probably wasn’t made right, when who ever made it.

This looks like an old DivX codec so as Id33k suggests there may be an incompatibility between this and the encoder version that was used to make the original file. The current version is 6.2 but 5.x was around for along time.

However your experience highlights the problems in using codec packs from dubious sources. There are many hacked and pirated versions of common codecs around, some of which contain viruses and I have seen these break DirectShow for good. Reinstallation might not help and it’s possible that you may even have to re-install Windows to get back to a working system.

thanks foryour help,I do believe you are right about the file being corrupt.I have downloaded a new divx codec and a divx player so I guess I will just have to watch the file on the player since it works flawlessly on it.Then I will just have to discard.I did find out my codec was faulty thanks to scherlock in tools from klite. And also my avi header was broke thanks to gspot,fixed with divfix,now it says file truncated in the legacy index area
· 18.5 MB (or 19,045 KB or 19,502,788 bytes) are missing

This is the most trouble I have ever had with a file.thanks to all who helped or may help further.